about me

e-central therapy – because to keep the balance it is essential to be centered 

People in China and throughout Asia have always held a fascination for me, the sense of balance they radiate, that helps them move through life with ease (physically) and grace (spiritually).  This quest for harmony between opposite forces (yin/yang) for a state of balance is central to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

I qualified as a massage therapist in 2004. My training at the Bodyharmonics Centre Cheltenham included sports injury massage, maintenance and rehabilitation as well as specialist massage such as: Chinese Tui Na, Indonesian Oil, Traditional Thai and paediatric massage. 

I went on to study Acupuncture with Maria Mercati and qualified in 2006. My on-going studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine include 4 weeks of Clinical Practice at the Shandong University Hospital in Jinan/China (2008 and 2010). Further training: Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture (2008) undertaken with Jamie Hedger at The Healing & Acupuncture College Brighton.   I specialise in the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions, stress-related problems, adolescent and female health.