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Experience a tension-busting massage and rediscover your own positivity, wellbeing and zest for life. 

Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage and Manipulation

An energising deep tissue massage and manipulation based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that will make you feel “as light as a feather”.
Also called Chinese Osteopathy, it is best suited for the treatment of musculo skeletal problems, delivering immediate marked results, while improving your energy (qi) at the same time. Working along the Meridians and incorporating acupuncture points balances the 5 organ systems. 

Indonesian Traditional Oil Massage including Javanese and Balinese Massage

A deep tissue massage similar to Ayurvedic massage to relieve pain and ease overworked muscles, which will leave you feeling relaxed and supple.
This therapy provides very deep stimulation to the soft tissue with uniquely effective techniques. Long strokes spanning the length of the muscle, thumb and elbow kneading and skin rolling. It has a beneficial effect on the body’s circulation and lymphatic system.
I recommend it in particular to treat specific areas of tensely knotted tissue.
A full body treatment includes a foot and head massage. 

Thai Massage

Thai Traditional Massage is a specialist treatment that will help to relieve muscular tension, improve flexibility and harmonise the energies of body and mind. Its yoga like techniques combine rhythmic compression, mobilisation and deep stretches. Working on the energy lines called Sen, which widely correspond with the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, induces a deep state of relaxation similar to meditation and balances the 7 chakras.

Thai Massage is also known as: Nuad Boran. Nuad translates into “to heal by touch”.
Boran is a word that is derived from a dialect of Sanskrit and means “something that is ancient and honourable”.

Thai Massage is performed on a futon on the floor. Please wear or bring loose clothing (t-shirt, jogging bottoms/leggins) for your treatment. 

My Fusion Signature Massage 

The signature massage of e-centraltherapy reaps the various benefits of diverse traditional massage methods and combines them into one session. Experience the deep thumb pressing and passive stretching of Thai, the long, deep strokes of Indonesian massage and the effects of acupressure. This massage will leave you feeling light physically and mentally… and filled with light spiritually.

Dorn Method & Breuss Massage

The Dorn Method is a gentle manual therapy for back and joint pain, developed in Germany about 40 years ago it includes a series of easy to learn self-help exercises. 

The gentle Breuss Massage helps to stretch, align, energise and relax the spine and spinal muscles. 

Pregnancy Massage

Pre and post natal massage to soothe the body and mind, help with morning sickness, tiredness, achy back, heavy legs and get you relaxed before and energised after labour.